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 CD is free ONLY with a minimum $200 order
 CD Rom of the Piano Site Complete     One $       18.00$


 Piano Tuning Study Course- 75 pages- Print Copy


$       30.00$
 Sub-total  Minimum Order: 20.00




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LIABILITY and delivery of damaged goods: Steve's Piano Serivce only warrantees the product to be in perfect condition upon consignment to shipper. All products are FOB mill from our inventory or other USA locations. We take no responsibility for the use or installation of the parts you receive. If you do not want to take total responsibility for your own work and errors, you must not buy anything from us. We are also NOT liable for any instruction we give you. We reserve the right to change prices, or refuse service, for any reason. Prices set at the time of sale will not be changed without consulting you.

Returns: Keep all packaging for benches, trolleys, and large items for a period of time after delivery in the event that a product needs to be returned. The packaging of Jansen benches and other large items has often been scientifically designed to prevent damage, and if you use amateur packaging methods and materials for a returned item, you may have part of your payment deducted to cover the damage, PLUS a 20% restocking fee. The condition you THINK it is in, when your return it, will not be the final verdict-- Our supplier will have the last word. Most suppliers are merciful, but they are the final authority as to condition of a returned item as delivered to them. If you are concerned aboutthis, simply insure the item, at your expense, in order to cover yourself.

Damaged on Delivery: If a product is delivered damaged, please contact the carrier and make a claim BEFORE returning the item. If the product was drop shipped via UPS from our supplier and arrived damaged, contact us at once so we can notify the supplier who will arrange for UPS to pick up and return the product. If you wait to notify us of a damaged delivery, and/or discard the carton, you will NOT receive any consideration since UPS will not accept responsibility. UPS cannot be expected to take responsibility for a product not in the carton so that they can examine it to verify that it was their fault. If you discard the packaging of a damaged delivery, you own it, and we are not liable to accept it back from you under Federal and banking regulations.

Warranteed Items: Tuning Meters and other warranteed items must be registered with the manufacturer within the period of time they specify, NOT with us. If you fail to follow this plan, you may not be able to return the item if it fails during the warranteed period. Return all warranteed items ONLY to the manufacturer regardless of who shipped it to you. If in doubt, Send Mail or call (800) 338-8863.

Do not browse by mail: Use the phone at (800) 338-8863 so we can make sure you are getting the right thing up front. Or, Send Mail Some people order items just to look at them. If you do this with us, we reserve the right to charge you the full 20% restocking fee for our trouble, and we refund NO shipping either way.

International Orders: Be sure you have ordered the correct product. We do not accept returns from overseas at our expense, and some warranteed items will not be covered by the manufacturer or their agent in the USA. So we cannot promise returns will be possible from countries outside the USA. We will try to do this, but no promises. Again, you pay for ALL returns, regardless for the reason. Your duty, customs, and clearing fees will NOT be refunded. Credit back to you may not be the same as your original payment if the rate of exchange changed since you made your purchase. If the US Post Office says your international shipment was delivered to your local post office, we will not return your payment if you claim you did not receive the shipment.

Final word: We are very sorry to have to write the above conditions, for they sound harsh and ugly. For most of you, the above information is perfectly in line with your good ethics. For you who want to mess around with us, caveat emptor.

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Piano Parts are Duty Free into Canada
Tariff # 9209.91.9090
We write this on the declaration form.
"Piano tuning apparatus and accessories -
duty free - SA customs code 92.0910"

Tell us if your country allows piano parts in duty free.
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We will not put "gift" on the declaration form, nor will we help you cheat your government.


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